IS Fox Paintings Show at The Enchanted Cafe

When: Dec 15th – 30th, 2013
Where: Enchanted Cafe in the Village of Red Hook

Reception: Dec 22nd, 10am-12 noon:  Our Opening for this Fox Painting Show. Refreshments to be served, so hoping you can join us for the celebration.

We’re so pleased to have our Fox Paintings featured at The Enchanted Cafe. Coincidentally, owner Joe Moscato surprised us by telling us how this was meant to be. This is in fact his animal spirit, and he is delighted to be surrounded by such beautiful paintings of a creature he so identifies with, especially around the holidays!

Many of the viewers have commented on how different the paintings are from each other and every piece has it’s own charm.  What better place than our foxes to be seen but at The Enchanted Cafe!  Joe decorates the cozy intimate interior with beautiful authentic tree trunks, so this is beginning to look a lot like a magical forest with beautiful animals roaming about …quite like living in the paintings themselves!