About Us


Imagination Station, established in Red Hook in 2000, is a year-round visual arts program that offers innovate art class for all ages: children (PreK & elementary), teen, adult & senior classes. A hands-on experience that allows students to experiment with a wide range of mediums including drawing, painting, 3D construction/sculpture, clay, craft projects and more. The IS studio is a place for creative exploration and self-expression. Art history from the ancient to the modern is introduced; world culture is another source of inspiration with our lively year-round curriculum. Our sessions are “experiential” and enriching, within an informal setting at a large bright studio located at the Chocolate Factory in Red Hook, NY in the Hudson Valley.


norineNorine Nakao-Peyton (Director of Imagination Station) is a graduate of UC Berkeley. She has studied studio art and art history at Boston College, Barnard College and UC Berkeley. Born in Hawaii and raised in Tokyo, she teaches with 20 years+ of experience: sessions in drawing, painting, clay, 3D construction, Japanese arts, silk painting, amongst other mediums.

Aurora Abzug (Painting Instructor, Teen & Adult Sessions) was raised in family of artists, as were her father & grandmother. She naturally gravitated to painting as a child, and by age 11 was enrolled in a formal oil painting class at The Ridgewood Art Institute. In her senior year of high school, Aurora won the Institute’s highest scholarship for intended college art students. Currently a studio art major at Bard, she is focusing on her senior project & enjoys teaching painting to the IS students.

COJO (Comic Workshop Instructor) is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts (NYC), commercial artist, illustrator (lead illustrator at Maxim Magazine for 4 years), graphic designer & painter for clients such as Marvel Comics (colorist at age 16), MTV, Nickelodeon, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Vibe; Nike, AT&T and WWE. His artwork has been printed in 16 countries and translated into 15 languages. He first rose to fame in the early 2000s for his signature style predominantly in the print and fashion world. COJO inspires students with his energy and passion for comic/cartooning.


At IS we strive to create an optimal uplifting environment for our students to bring out the spirit of the artist within. Exposing our students to aesthetics, art history, world culture and a wide spectrum of mediums, we also encourage the importance of self-expression. Our classes aim at exploration, tapping one’s imagination, and fully enjoying the artistic experience. Students benefit at IS in developing their own style, learning new skills and building self-confidence with the rewards of seeing all the results of their creative endeavors.